2020 Blues Music Tour of Europe

Some tour highlights:

  • Berlin - Berlin’s modern musical transformation took hold in the late 60s and 70s with the punk and culture movements. While residing in the city, international musicians like Lou Reed and David Bowie brought its colourful and hedonistic sub-cultures to the world stage.
  • Hamburg is the perfect place to enjoy live music in smaller, more intimate settings than packed out stadiums. The most popular locations for club music are the St. Pauli district with clubs like Grosse Freiheit 36, Molotow, and Gruenspan, and the more indie Sternschanze district with venues such as KNUST, Grüner Jäger, and Haus 73. The title of Hamburg’s most unique club undoubtedly goes to Uebel & Gefährlich that’s located on the top floor of a gigantic World War II bunker. In addition, every September, Hamburg hosts Germany’s biggest club festival around the legendary Reeperbahn party street.
  • Rotterdam - North Sea Jazz is the largest indoor music festival in the world, known globally as the event where the past, present and future of jazz are featured within three days. Next to a firm base of jazz many genres will pass by, such as blues, soul, funk, hip hop, world, pop and much more. Next to enjoying top names from around the world, visitors get the chance to discover new favorite artists.
  • Paris - After a long day sightseeing in Paris, what could be better than making the most of the city’s jazz legacy and chilling out to live music in the evening? Whether you want to kick back to some blues on an authentic Parisian barge, dance to 1920s jazz in ancient underground cellars, or sit back and enjoy big band swing on a terrace overlooking the Eiffel Tower
  • London - London is a city steeped in the history of the blues. In the early 1960s, many British blues bands began to form in an emerging London scene, and venues started popping up all over the capital. Today, you can hear London blues gigs across the city, from live music at dedicated blues bars such as Shoreditch's Blues Kitchen and Ain’t Nothin’ But... blues bar in Soho, to concerts at large London music venues including The O2.
  • Edinburgh - Get your groove on at Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival where Edinburgh hosts the very best jazz and blues musicians, artists and groups. There's music to suit everyone in the 10 rhythmical and groove-packed days with a range of styles including bop, blues-rock, samba, swing and soul set amidst one of Europe's most historic and charming cities

The Blues Music Tour of Europe - conducted by John Howie Music Tours - was designed to combine the fascinating history and scenery of Europe with the influences brought to it by blues and jazz musicians from America throughout the 40s to 60s.

About Jules... Jules Boult - Australian Blues & Jazz entertainer, Jules Boult, is the celebrity host / musical director of the 2020 Blues Tour of Europe . He is an award winning singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist. Jules’ musical career has taken him across Australia, the United States and Europe. Since 2011 he has released five albums to critical acclaim and been awarded a coveted Australian Blues Music Award. In 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019 Jules toured the US, from New Orleans to New York via the Mississippi delta, performing & recording with various musicians including Kermit Ruffins, Mississippi John Horton, and The Oakridge Boys. Jules’ music, and effortless performance style, are true to the blues tradition.

Comment from Radio Presenter Matthew Frederick. (106.7 PBS FM) He has a unique understanding of the American songbook, and sees the links between genres that most people ignore. He understands the cross fertilization between blues, gospel, country and pop – and uses it to create. Matthew Frederick.

Jules is a musical explorer - Join Jules on this musical adventure as we travel, explore and listen to real live blues played in the very heart of the land that shaped a genre of music that is as vibrant today as it ever was.

Comment from Radio Presenter HELEN JENNING, PBS FM

Melbourne multi Instrumentalist/singer/songwriter, Jules Boult has produced a brilliant debut release bursting with a fresh & original take on his penchant for early Jazz, Blues & old time music. Well crafted music & witty, emotive lyrics delivered with ease and a smile. A gem!"

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